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Todays Puzzle (2020-02-22)

Movie Buffs Associated Week of Films - Samuel L. Jackson

"Every week since its inauguration, the local Movie Buffs Associated have shown a series of movies chosen by a selection panel, determined annually by a ballot of members, in the Municipal Offices function room each evening from Monday to Friday, and starring a particular actor/actress.

The selection panel for the current year is Sally Boyden, Mark Thomson, Jessica Farmer, Laurie Davison and Mary Peters. Last week their choice was Samuel L. Jackson, and the films chosen - one per member - were Django Unchained, 2012, Snakes on a Plane, 2006, Coach Carter, 2005, A Time to Kill, 1996, and Oldboy, 2013 but not respectively, and neither were they shown in that order, nor in the order in which they were released.

Showing time differed each evening.

From this information and the following clues, for each member, can you determine who chose which film, the day on which it was shown, and at what time?"

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