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Highest Rated Puzzles:

Title:Grid SizeViewsRating
3x3x3 4475 2.25
3x3x3 4453 1.8
3x3x5 3443 2.25
3x3x5 6741 3
3x3x3 5294 2.25
3x3x5 7531 4.5
3x3x3 5369 1.6
3x3x3 7261 1.6
3x3x3 3462 2
3x3x4 3883 2.33
3x3x3 3072 2.33
3x3x3 5161 3.5
3x3x3 3082 1.75
3x3x3 8194 1.75
3x3x3 2917 2
3x3x5 4983 3
3x3x3 3293 1.5
3x3x4 4457 1.5
3x3x5 4022 2
3x3x3 2953 1.5

Note on Ratings

To avoid any confusion as to why a puzzle with a rating of 3 may show up before another with a rating of 5, we would like to explain how the rating system works.

When a visitor gives a puzzle their rating (1 - 5) it is added to the total value of all the ratings given, and adds 1 to the number of times that puzzle has been rated. The average rating (What you see here) is calculated by dividing the total value of all the votes by the number of votes.

Therefor, a puzzle that was rated once and given a 5 is actually lower than a puzzle that has been rated 3 times with an average of 3.5.