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Todays Puzzle (2018-05-24)

The Boby's Helmet

Three young men, Jack Horner, Tommy Tittlemouse and John Silver, appeared before presiding Magistrate Percival
Plunkett at the Longstreet Magistrates Court.

The magistrate stated that he had his doubts as to the veracity of the
young men who appeared before him, and had reason to believe that those names were, in fact, assumed and fictitious.

What was their crime? The night before, each had stalked a London Bobby - who is more acutely aware of being stalked as prey than any beast of the wild - and procured his helmet which is said to have a supremely palliative effect
in alleviating ailments if taken before going to bed.

Caring friends had advised Gregory Greensleeves, Pontious Proctor and Ullyses Upton to procure the helmets to alleviate the pains of a lost horse race wager, a ruined holiday
and a failed romance. Thus it was that, in the line of duty, PCs Brown, Black and Grey lost their protective headgear.

Various techniques were employed in acquiring the prize helmets, a flying tackle, a shove and grab and a hand it over.

From this information and the following clues, for each of the men, can you determine who nabbed which PC's helmet, using which technique, for what reason and under what name did he appear in court?

We could use your help!

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